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How can I get a M42 screw on mount ring?

Hello all!

I would like to convert an old 35mm bayonet mount camera I have into a M42 screw-on mount camera.

How can I get one of these mounts? I don't want to use an adapter.. I want the actual mounting ring.

Is there a certain old M42 mount camera that is very common that maybe I could buy an inoperable camera on Ebay and scavenge that part from it?

Also, do you happen to know if there are any manufacturers of cheap NEW M42 lenses?

Any help would be much appreciated!

there are ways to mount m42 lenses on a variety of bayonet cameras. the 1st question is what type of camera are you trying to mount the lenses on?
and other companies on the web sell many types of screw mount adapters. the problem is going to be compatable focal length. that is the distance from the film/sensor to the lens, most cameras have varying focal lengths that will affect how the lens focuses with a spacific camera.
there are resonably priced screw mount lenses on ebay and in camera collector shops. there are also a large variety of leica lenses that are more expensive, but worth every penny.
as for manufacturers, if you are trying to achieve a certain look for your photos you will have better luck anyway with the older lenses that are available.
newer lenses are of less quality often times when compared to the older lenses available. i would recommend starting a collection of older lenses.

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